Common Sense Protection of the Environment

Common Sense Protection of the Environment

In the words of the great American historian, Russell Kirk, “There is nothing more conservative than conservation.”

The Environment

Most Americans agree that protecting our land, seas, and waterways is one of the most important responsibilities we have as citizens of this great nation. All of us are accountable for ensuring the land that has shaped our heritage and culture is well-cared-for and continues to define who we are for generations to come. Whether we are fishermen, farmers, hunters, or all of the above, we care for our land and water because they are what sustain our bodies and our souls. Too often, though, “environmentalism” is an excuse for the government to impose costly and intrusive regulations and mandates when other, better, solutions are available.

Common-Sense Protection of the Environment

Conservation that protects the environment and the economy is good for everyone. The preservation of our national heritage through sound public policy that leverages private investment, embraces local solutions and spurs innovation is a winning proposition. Our great nation needs environmental policies and guidelines that can endure for generations, not just a single administration or Congress.

Management of America’s lands and waterways must balance a number of competing priorities, including protection, recreation, and the development of natural resources. Our public lands and the resources they contain are a very important part of the American story. Our landscape and all it contains adds to the strength and stature of the nation, as well as provides a large source of revenue for national, state, and local needs. We must always balance Environmental Protection over Regulation with Jobs, the Economy and an American’s right to the enjoyment of our outdoor paradise. Common-sense protection of the environment simply makes sense.

Environmentally Friendly T-Shirts

At BurbsUSA, we strive to be patriotically correct and stand for Faith, Family, Freedom, America First, and the Great Outdoors. We also believe in supporting our Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders and the Common-Sense Protection of our Environment. With that in mind, our ability to protect our environment and the planet we live in is essential. All of this is evident through our apparel and the BurbsUSA initiative.

The BurbsUSA initiative is our way of communicating a message to our beloved nation about our stand on the environment and the wellbeing of all Americans. We offer a multitude of designs, which serve as a reminder for every citizen’s commitment towards the environment. While such an initiative sounds ordinary, its effect on a broader scale is huge.

Final Note

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