Patriotically Correct

Patriotically Correct

It's rather unfortunate that some people degrade the tireless sacrifices our founding fathers implemented to make the USA stand taller than every other nation in the world. We are a nation rich in history, a preserver of cultural, race, and ethnic diversity. In the words of President Donald Trump, the United States should always come first; everything else is secondary. Forget what nation you come from, the moment you become a citizen of the US, be ready to abide by the rules and regulations that govern this beautiful land.

Patriotically Correct

Patriotically Correct is to honor the values of the USA, showing respect for our Flag, our National Anthem, integrity for both our Country and follow Americans, as well as the Office of the President. Whether born on U.S. soil or a Naturalized Citizen, you are held to the same standards.

The Burbs USA Effect

Since his election into office, Donald J. Trump has accomplished a great deal. All his actions have portrayed his famous slogans of "America First," to "Make America Great Again" this has paved the way for the birth of the Burbs USA brand. At Burbs USA, our personal mission is to provide Patriotic Apparel that facilitates Americans to be continually reminded about the incredible blessing they enjoy by being citizens of the greatest nation in the world. We strive to bring honor and respect, not just to our laws, but to our Founding Fathers as well.

This is at the heart of the concept behind why we created the Burbs USA brand. Our goal is to create performance apparel, t-shirts, headgear, and neck/face shields that reflect and illustrate America's irreplaceable values. We strive to display this love and honor through a wide array of products, which you can find on our website at

Our shirts show off slogans such as "I'm Politically Incorrect," "America. Love it. Respect It, or Get the Hell Out," "Don't Tread on Me," "Tango Yankee," "In God We Trust," and many more. While our train of thought can sometimes prove controversial, we understand that our brand strongly connects people's most treasured inner values.

At Burbs USA, we pledge not only to remind Americans of the uniqueness of our nation and what it means to be an American but also to recruit those with weaker views to adopt a Patriotically Correct mindset. We feel one needs to look no further than the countless men and women who have sacrificed their lives for freedom through a wide array of fronts, but we realize that some need to be reminded.

Join us in the initiative to spread Honor, Respect, Love, and Patriotism. Tons of Americans are now able to display their beliefs in their daily lives thanks to the Burbs USA brand. Wear your favorite Patriotically Correct t-shirt, performance apparel, or headgear. Visit to check out our gear inspired by the love of the US.